Wales and West Utilities is one of the largest providers of utilities in the UK and operates the gas distribution network in Wales and the South West of England, serving over 7.5 million customers. They also provide gas emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout Wales and the South West.


Embracing mobile and intelligent technologies

Driven by a desire to improve the efficiency of technology used by field engineers to complete their daily work activities,Wales and West Utilities partnered with us to prototype and build a new mobile solution. The main aims of the solution were to capture data more intelligently and provide a simple user experience that empowered the field team to focus more on their work and less on daily admin tasks.


A flexible enterprise mobile experience

We worked closely with IT architects, wider business stakeholders and end users to capture the needs of the field, building several prototypes to gather feedback and data. Once the initial concept was proven, we quickly formed a team to deliver a micro services architecture on Microsoft Azure and a progressive-web-app driven front-end using the Vue.JS framework.


Increasing productivity through intelligent interface integration

The new solution saves each field engineer several hours of time each working day due to the use of intelligent data capture and simple to use interface. Field operations are also more streamlined due to real-time tracking, offline working and seamless integration with SAP for work orders.