Stratos is an aircraft investment specialist with a substantial portfolio of leased aircraft, valued at over $1.9bn, providing acquisition, re-marketing, advisory and capital raising services to airlines, lenders and investors in large commercial aircraft.


Enhancing asset management

Managing a vast portfolio of large commercial aircraft leased to twenty of the top airlines in the world, Stratos needed anew interface to track their assets through real-time flight path information, ensuring aircraft investments are secure and appropriately managed.


A web based real-time user interface

We worked together with Stratos to deliver an API service that provides real time tracking information for each of their chartered aircrafts. The intelligent API provides flight path information, which can be consumed as an endpoint via a web application. We consumed the API service to create a flight map that could then be embedded into an existing web app and delivers the information on Google Maps.

Rapid, real-time value

The API development, integration and user interface development were all completed within one week and now allows Stratos to display fleet information on their web app. This has enabled them to track their fleet and showcase where their aircrafts are at any moment in time. The API has also been development in a way that can be extended in the future to show additional information about past and upcoming flights.