Gilchrist Standard is a ratings agency that allows insurance brokers to benchmark themselves against peers and an industry 'ideal'. It helps brokers better understand the suitability of their operation and to quickly identify and mitigate potential risks.


Preparing for launch

With an immovable key launch event date for a new product in place, Gilchrist Standard required a new web app and technology support within a very limited timescale. Additional resources and expertise were required to help deliver the product, build an enterprise grade infrastructure and provide an improved user experience.


Accelerated development

We worked closely with the Gilchrist product and development team to create a development roadmap and identify viable solutions for the launch event. We developed a robust infrastructure solution using a lead cloud provider and setup a DevOps deployment pipeline. Rapid prototyping techniques were then used to develop a revised user interface, together with collaborating with the development team to deliver the user stories required for the launch of the product.


A robust and rapid solution

The target outcomes of delivering an MVP on a robust platform with a new user experience were achieved in the space of just a couple of weeks, with the subsequent launch event being a huge success. The new development roadmap created can also now be taken forward to allow the product to scale up and evolve. In addition, further refactoring was identified to allow more rapid development on a modular services-driven architecture.